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Who Took the NAEP Mathematics Assessment?

The NAEP 2011 mathematics assessment was conducted throughout the nation at grades 4 and 8. Approximately 209,000 grade 4 students and 175,200 grade 8 students took the assessment. All 50 states, the District of Columbia, and Department of Defense schools participated. Students at grade 12 were not assessed in 2011.

The NAEP program does not, and is not designed to, report on the performance of individual students. Instead, groups of the student population from representative national samples are assessed. For example, NAEP reports results for male and female students, Black students and White students, and students in different regions of the country. Samples are selected using a complex sampling design.


Accommodations for students with disabilities (SD) and English language learners (ELL) have been permitted for a representative sample of students beginning with the 1996 mathematics assessment. (English language learners were previously referred to as limited English proficient (LEP).)

See additional information about the percentages of students with disabilities and English language learners identified, excluded, and assessed.

See the types of accommodations permitted for students with disabilities and English language learners at the national level.

Last updated 02 October 2011 (JM)
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