20101231MCHardIdentify violation of Fifth Amendment
20101232MCMediumKnow that the Constitution does not describe Presidential budget responsibilities
20101233SCRHardList two important functions performed by political parties
20101234MCMediumInterpret political cartoon about government bureaucracy
20101235SCRMediumSummarize the views of Roosevelt and Reagan on the role of government
20101236MCMediumIdentify an important difference between international and domestic politics
20101238MCMediumIdentify argument used to justify military action
20101239SCRHardName two pieces of information to consider when evaluating possible military action
201012310MCMediumIdentify example of the term "assimilation"
201012311SCRMediumDefine the term "melting pot" and argue if it applies to the U.S.
201012313MCMediumMake inference about interpretation of Supreme Court ruling
201012314MCHardUnderstand argument for positive role of lobbyists in American politics
201012315MCMediumInterpret the message in a poster from World War II
201012316MCMediumUnderstand purpose of war poster from World War II
201012318MCMediumUnderstand uses of census
20101243MCMediumUnderstand central issue in Schenck v. The United States
20101246SCRMediumSupport a personal viewpoint on the Schenck case
20101247MCMediumIdentify how the federal system encourages the growth of interest groups
20101248MCMediumIdentify an argument used by critics of the Articles of Confederation
20101249MCMediumUnderstand political cartoon dealing with term limits
201012410MCHardUnderstand Cold War/China editorial
201012412MCMediumUnderstand what President can do to influence foreign government
201012413SCRMediumList two privileges of U.S. citizens
201012415MCMediumUnderstand quotation relationship between industry and government
201012416MCHardIdentify a disagreement in two quotations on military-industrial complex
201012419MCMediumIdentify application of Supreme Court Marbury ruling
20101261MCMediumUnderstand responsibility for registration of votes at state level
20101264SCRMediumExplain the impact of televison on the political process
20101266SCRHardDescribe two problems of US dependence on foreign oil
20101268MCHardIdentify influential event on US post World War II policy
20101269MCMediumUnderstand change in US power after World War II
201012610MCHardIdentify change in international politics caused by World War II outcome
201012611MCMediumUnderstand reason Congress approved War Powers Act
201012612MCMediumIdentify a potential problem with the War Powers Act
201012613MCMediumUnderstand power of Congress to limit President's military authority
201012614MCHardIdentify why it is hard to use the War Powers Act
201012615SCRHardInterpret political cartoon on changes in immigration
201012616MCMediumUnderstand circumstances of the 14th Amendment
201012619MCHardUnderstand argument made in Supreme Court ruling on Texas v. Johnson case
20061252MCMediumCan read sample ballot
20061253MCMediumCan make inference from sample ballot
20061254MCMediumUnderstands public question on sample ballot
20061255SCRMediumGives argument for/against public question
20061256ECRHardKnows how citizen can change laws
20061257MCMediumUnderstands meaning of federalism
20061258MCMediumKnows national law overrides state
200612511SCRHardUnderstands trend in graph
200612513SCRMediumUnderstands constitution protects individual rights
200612514MCMediumUnderstands Burns argument re:Const. Gov't
200612515MCMediumUnderstands parliamentary system of government
200612516MCMediumUnderstands government spending graph
200612518MCMediumWhy president called in troops in Little Rock
200612519MCMediumUnderstands state/federal conflict at Little Rock
20061272SCRHardCan explain/defend Domino Theory
20061273MCMediumUnderstands difference in 2 Martin Luther King quotes
20061274MCMediumUnderstands president's role in foreign policy
20061275ECRMediumUnderstands/explains earning men v. women
20061276MCHardUnderstands foreign policy issue Japan/U.S.
20061277ECRHardExplains checks/balances of president's power
20061278MCMediumKnows parties not always unified
20061279MCHardKnows strength of federalism
200612710MCMediumUnderstands Republican Party ideas
200612711MCMediumUnderstands role of volunteer work
200612712SCRHardRelation of volunteer work and citizenship
200612713MCMediumImpact of princ. of U.S. Government on Foreign Policy
200612715MCMediumUnderstands role of public education
200612716MCHardUnderstands welfare chart
200612717MCMediumUnderstands WWII poster
19981281MCMediumUnderstands Locke Quote
19981282SCRMediumCan Explain Advantages of American System of Gov't.
19981284MCMediumCan Interpret Learned Hand Quote
19981285MCMediumCan Infer Who Drew District Map
19981286MCMediumUnderstands Relationship Between District Map and Census
19981287MCMediumCan Infer Zone 2 on Map is Urban
19981288SCRMediumUnderstands Irregular Shapes on District Map
19981289SCRMediumCan Describe Role of State Gov't.
199812811MCMediumUnderstands Role of President in Foreign Policy
199812813MCHardUnderstands Effect of Decision in Lochner Case
199812815MCHardUnderstands Majority Decision in Lochner Case
199812816MCHardUnderstands Difference of Opinions in Lochner Case
199812817MCMediumUnderstands Relationship of Parties to Proportional Representation System
199812818MCHardCan identify benefit of proportional representational system
199812819MCHardCan Identify Why Single Member Better Than Proportional Representation
19981292SCRHardCan Explain How Democracy Benefits from Citizen Participation
19981293ECRHardCan Explain Role of Justice in American Gov't.
19981295MCHardKnows What Happens to Bills
19981296MCMediumKnows Connecticut Compromise
19981297MCMediumUnderstands Landfill Scenario
19981299MCMediumUnderstands State Gov't. Role in Landfill Scenario
199812910SCRMediumCan Explain Site Location in Landfill Scenario
199812911MCMediumZoning Rules
199812912MCMediumUnderstands Issue in Brown v. Board of Ed.
199812914MCHardUnderstands Role of 14th Amendment in Brown v. Board of Ed.
199812915MCMediumUnderstands State-Federal Relations re: Brown v. Board of Ed.
199812916MCHardUnderstand that Supreme Court Limits Power of Majorities
199812919MCMediumUnderstands Why UN Document is Opposed