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National Assessment of Adult Literacy (NAAL)

Sample Quantitative Question

Below is a sample quantitative task and its corresponding other document stimulus material, which is a newspaper advertisement. The respondent must use text search skills, computational identification skills, and computational performance skills to answer the question, while not getting distracted by “5.25%,” which is a typographical inhibitor whose size and boldness draw the respondent’s attention away from the correct answer. The numbers needed to calculate the answer are located in smaller type at the bottom of the advertisement. So to answer correctly, respondents should orally explain that they first would multiply $156.77 and 120, and then calculate the difference of that total and $10,000.

You need to borrow $10,000. Find the ad for Home Equity loans on page 2 in the news paper provided.

Explain to the interviewer how you would compute the total amount of interest charges you would pay under this loan plan. Please tell the interviewer when you are ready to begin.

Sample Quantitative Question

SOURCE: U.S. Department of Education, Institute for Education Sciences, National Center for Education Statistics, 1992 National Adult Literacy Survey (NALS). Available in the Sample Questions section of the NAAL website.

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