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Subject: Action Requested by 12/01/2010 – IPEDS Net Price

Dear IPEDS Keyholder,

Did you know that your institution’s net price data are now publicly available on College Navigator?

As required by the Higher Education Opportunity Act (HEOA) of 2008, NCES has posted each institution’s average net price of attendance on College Navigator. This means that your institution’s average net price of attendance for 2008-09, as was reported through the 2009-10 IPEDS data collection, is now available to the public, including to prospective students, parents, data analysts, the media, and state, local, and federal lawmakers.

Please double check this information as displayed for your institution. You can access College Navigator at , or follow the link from the IPEDS home page.

Where Did The Net Price Data Come From?

The average net price calculations used data submitted by your institution in the 2009-10 IPEDS data collection. Pricing data from Institutional Characteristics (IC), Part D, and financial aid data from the Student Financial Aid (SFA) component, Parts D and E, were used. The pricing data used were those submitted for the past 4 years for either an academic year or for your largest program.

Oh No! I Must Have Reported Something Wrong! What Can I Do?

If you would like the net price data that are currently on College Navigator to be revised before next year’s data are posted, follow the following steps:

Step 1: Access the Prior Year Revision System. Go to the IPEDS Prior Year Revision System at . Use your current UserID and password to log into the system.

Step 2: Enter revised data. You may revise EITHER or BOTH the IC pricing data and the financial aid data from SFA through the IPEDS Prior Year Revision System if you need to, in order to correct the average net price calculations. If you applied the last or only lock to your surveys in the Prior Year System, contact the IPEDS Help Desk to get the surveys unlocked. The Help Desk will unlock ONLY the last lock, so if yours was not the last lock applied, you will need to contact the person who made the final lock in order to get the revisions made.

Note that in the past, IC pricing revisions could only be made in the current year system. It is important that you make pricing data revisions in the Prior Year Revision System if you want the new data to be used in the average net price calculations that are currently on College Navigator. Pricing data for the following years are used in the calculations: 2008-09, 2007-08, 2006-07.

Step 3: Edit the data. After entering and saving the revised data, click the link to Perform Edits on the Surveys screen, and resolve any edit problems that appear.

Step 4: Review your net price. After you resolve any edits, check the recalculated average net price figures on the Part F and G worksheets in SFA.

Step 5: Lock the surveys. You MUST re-lock the surveys. You will receive a confirmation email that your survey data have been locked.

Step 6: Check current year IC pricing data. Changes to IC data that you make in the Prior Year Revision System will not be carried to your current IC submission. So you should also make any changes in your IC pricing data for the current 2010-11 data collection, to ensure that you get the correct calculated average net price for 2010-11. You will need to contact the Help Desk for assistance.

When will College Navigator Reflect my Revisions?

You have until December 1, 2010 to revise your data for posting on College Navigator; NCES will update all revised data on Navigator by January 15 after it has had time to review and perform quality checks on the data. Any changes submitted through the Prior Year Revision System after December 1 will not be made to the current data on College Navigator. New net price data that are being collected during this year’s data collection (2010-11) will be posted on College Navigator in summer 2011.


Please contact the IPEDS Help Desk if you have questions, or if you need assistance.
They can be reached at, or 1-877-225-2568.

Elise Miller
Program Director
Postsecondary Institutional Studies Program
National Center for Education Statistics

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