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There are two items in This Week in IPEDS:

This Week in IPEDS  November 23, 2009

  • IPEDS Data Availability Update
  • IPEDS Listserv Reminder

IPEDS Data Availability Update

Data updates have recently been made to the IPEDS Data Center, located at: IPEDS Data Center. The 2008-09 Human Resource (HR) Data are now available at the public release level of the IPEDS Data Center. Additionally, 2009-10 Institutional Characteristics (IC), 2008-09 Completions (C), 12-month Enrollment (E12), and Fall 2009 estimated enrollment (from IC) are now available through the Collection level of the Data Center. Reminder- to access the collection level data, login to the Data Collection System, select the Tools menu, and then you will see the link to the collection level data center.

IPEDS Listserv Reminder

As previously announced in August, IPEDS has launched a listserv, and interested individuals are invited to join. The primary purpose of the listserv is to provide a forum for discussion of IPEDS-related questions and topics. IPEDS keyholders, coordinators, and other interested individuals can sign up by accessing the listserv homepage, at: IPEDS List serve. Also posted on the listserv homepage is a short manual on how to user the listserv and related features.

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