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There are three items this week:

This Week in IPEDS  March 25, 2014
  1. Enhanced Institution Profile Now Available
  2. HR Survey Component - Did you Know?
  3. Custom Comparison Groups for the 2014 Data Feedback Report

Enhanced Institution Profile Now Available

The “Institution Profile,” located within the IPEDS Data Center ( has recently been re-designed and enhanced. The institution profile is accessible under the “Look Up An Institution” function, and now includes more data on student charges, net price, distance education enrollment, enrollment by age and enrollment by residence. Additionally, new graphics have been incorporated.

HR Survey Component - Did you Know?

Did you know that the HR instructions include a new section on Key Reporting Concepts? While there are no changes this year to the data collected in the survey component, clarifications have been made to screens and instructions, to address respondent questions. These include: 1) Several Occupational Categories have been renamed, to better describe who should be reported in them, 2) a new “Key Reporting Concepts” section has been added to the instructions, 3) the “multi-year contract” category has been expanded to “multi-year or continuing or at-will contract,” and 4) some glossary terms have been updated. The forms and instructions are available through the Data Provider Center at:

Custom Comparison Groups for the 2014 Data Feedback Report

All IPEDS Keyholders are invited to create a custom comparison group for use in the 2014 IPEDS Data Feedback Report (DFR), which will be emailed to the institution’s CEO/President (and to Keyholders) this fall. Creating a custom comparison group is not required; however, we highly encourage institutions to take advantage of this opportunity to make their Data Feedback Report more useful. The deadline for uploading a comparison group for the DFR is July 16, 2014.

You can create a custom comparison group for the report using the IPEDS Data Center ( or within the Data Collection System under the Tools menu. Instructions for creating a group are located under the Help menu. If you are unsure about which institutions to include in your comparison group, you may want to take advantage of a Webinar that the Association for Institutional Research has made available on their website called Creating Comparison Groups:

You may also contact the IPEDS Help Desk if you need assistance creating and/or uploading a custom comparison group.

Important Upcoming Dates:

The IPEDS spring data collection closes to Keyholders on April 9, 2014.

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