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Table 1.  Stakeholders who might be involved in LDS planning
groups (state,
district, and
  • Elected officials
  • Legislative and governor's staff
  • Governing boards
  • State education agency program coordinators
  • District superintendents and assistant superintendents
  • Chief information officers
  • Public information officers
  • Local accountability officers
  • District-level data stewards
  • Content supervisors
  • Human resources staff
  • Early learning coordinators
  • Guidance services directors
  • Curriculum/instruction staff
  • Career technical/adult learning staff
  • Teacher certification staff
  • School administrators (principals and directors)
  • Teachers
  • Registrars
  • Secretaries
  • School counselors
  • Librarians/media specialists
  • Program area experts
    • Special education directors
    • English language learner program directors
    • Title I coordinators
    • Title III coordinators
    • Gifted and talented education coordinators
  • Information technology staff
    • Project managers
    • Hardware engineers
    • Software developers
    • Network engineers
    • Database designers
  • Graphic display experts
  • Advocacy groups
  • Children's services
  • School board members
  • Teacher retirement board
  • Institutions of higher education
  • Business and industry
  • Support organizations
  • Union representatives
  • PTA representatives
  • Parents
  • Media/press
  • Researchers
  • Community members/the "public"
  • Vendors
  • Other state agency representatives (e.g., Department of Labor)

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