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Teacher School Assignment (teacherSchoolAssignment)


Source: NEDM
The functional interconnection of a teacher with an assignment


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Teacher School AssignmenthasAssociatedSchool
Teacher School AssignmenthasAssociatedClass/Section
Teacher School AssignmenthasAssociatedTeacher
Teacher School AssignmenttypeOrganization Association


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Full-time Equivalency (FTE)

Full-time Equivalency (FTE)

Source: Handbooks
The ratio between the hours of work expected in a position and the hours of work normally expected in a full-time position in the same setting for each assignment.

Identification Code

Identification Code (Common Attribute)

Source: Handbooks
A unique number or alphanumeric code assigned to a space, room, site, building, individual, organization, program, or institution by a school, school system, a state, or other agency or entity.

Code Set:

  • No option list available - N/A
Identification System

Identification System (Common Attribute)

Source: Handbooks
A coding scheme that is used for identification and record-keeping purposes by schools, social services, or other agencies to refer to an individual, organization, program, or institution.

Code Set:

  • Other - N/A
  • Social Security Administration number - N/A
  • US government Visa number - N/A
  • Personal identification number - N/A
  • Family unit number - N/A
  • + 27 More Codes...
Instructional Grade Level(s)

Instructional Grade Level(s)

Source: Handbooks
The school designation or set of grade levels for which the individual's assignment is responsible.

Code Set:

  • Early Childhood - N/A
  • Elementary - N/A
  • Kindergarten - N/A
  • Prekindergarten - N/A
  • Secondary/High School - N/A
  • + 2 More Codes...
Program NameSecondary Teaching Assignment (Academic Subject)

Secondary Teaching Assignment (Academic Subject)

Source: Handbooks
The teaching field taught by an individual.

Code Set:

  • Arts - N/A
  • Bilingual/English as a Second Language - N/A
  • Career Tech (Vocational) Education - N/A
  • English/Language Arts - N/A
  • Foreign Language - N/A
  • + 7 More Codes...