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Student School Assignment (studentSchoolAssignment)


Source: NEDM
The association of a student with a school.


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Student School AssignmenthasAssociatedLearner
Student School AssignmenthasAssociatedSchool
Student School AssignmenthasAssociatedStudent Elementary Secondary
Student School AssignmenttypeOrganization Association


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Entry Date

Entry Date

Source: Handbooks
The month, day, and year on which an individual enters and begins to receive instructional services in a school or an institution during a given session.

Exit/Withdrawal Date

Exit/Withdrawal Date

Source: Handbooks
The month, day, and year of the first day after the date of an individual's last attendance in school (if known), the day on which an individual graduated, or the date on which it becomes known officially that an individual left school.

Exit/Withdrawal Type

Exit/Withdrawal Type

Source: Handbooks
The circumstances under which the student exited from membership in an educational institution.

Code Set:

  • Completed a state-recognized vocational education program - A student who completed a vocational education program and earned a certificate other than a diploma.
  • Completed grade 12, but did not meet all graduation requirements - A student who completed an approved program of study for high school completion, but did not meet all state or district requirements for a diploma (e.g. unable to pass a required graduation examination).
  • Completed school with other credentials - A student who completed a program of study that did not address state diploma requirements and has received a certificate of completion or attendance in lieu of a high school diploma.
  • Completed with a state-recognized equivalency certificate - A student who passed an equivalency examination through an approved program of study.
  • Died or is permanently incapacitated - A student who has died or become permanently incapacitated, either physically or mentally.
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