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Personal Information Verification (personalInformationVerification)


The evidence by which an individual''s name, address, date of birth, etc. is confirmed.

Code Set:
    Baptismal or church certificate - A form, issued by a church, listing the birthdate and certifying the baptism of a child.
    Birth certificate - A written statement or form issued by an office of vital statistics verifying the name and birthdate of a child as reported by the physician attending at the birth.
    Driver's license - An official document issued by a state government agency, usually the department of public safety or the department of motor vehicles, that formally identifies the holder to operate a motor vehicle, with specifications as to the type of vehicle that he or she can operate.
    Entry in family Bible - An entry in a family Bible on a special page for recording births, marriages, and other vital information about a family.
    Hospital certificate - A certificate issued by a hospital verifying the name and birthdate of a child.
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Source: Handbooks
Identifier: 0315

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