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GovernmentalJ urisdiction Type (governmentalJurisdictionType)


The type of governmental jurisdiction.

Code Set:
    City Council Ward - A division of a city or town, or an electoral district, for administrative and representative purposes.
    Congressional District - The full, legally accepted or popularly accepted name of an area established by law for the election of representatives to the United States Congress. Each Congressional District is to be as equal in population to all other Congressional Districts in the state as practicable, based on the decennial census counts. The number of Congressional Districts in each state may change after each decennial census, and the bound
    County Commissioner District - The primary legal division of most states for administrative and representative purposes.
    State Board of Education District - The district within a state represented by a member of a State Board of Education.
    State Legislative District - The fully, legally accepted or popularly accepted name of an area from which members are elected to state legislatures. The state legislative districts embody the upper (Senate) and lower (House) chambers of the state legislature.

Source: Handbooks
Identifier: 0312

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