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Dropout Event (dropoutEvent)


Source: NEDM
The event of a student dropping out.


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Dropout EventhasAssociatedLearner
Dropout EventhasAssociatedStudent Elementary Secondary
Dropout EventtypeDiscrete Event


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Discontinuing Schooling Reason

Discontinuing Schooling Reason

Source: Handbooks
The primary reason for which a student discontinued schooling or left school before graduation or matriculation.

Code Set:

  • Academic difficulty - An inability to reach or maintain expected educational levels appropriate for the student's age group, measured competence, or grade level.
  • Behavioral difficulty - The student left school voluntarily or involuntarily because of problems in behaviors.
  • Dislike of school experience - The student left school because of an active dislike of one or more aspects of his or her school experiences other than those of an academic or behavioral nature.
  • Economic reasons - The student left school because of economic reasons such as inability to pay school expenses and inability of parents to provide suitable clothing.
  • Employment - The student left school to seek or accept employment, including employment required to support a parent/guardian or other dependents.
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Exit/Withdrawal Date

Exit/Withdrawal Date

Source: Handbooks
The month, day, and year of the first day after the date of an individual's last attendance in school (if known), the day on which an individual graduated, or the date on which it becomes known officially that an individual left school.

Code Set:

  • No option list available - N/A
Exit/Withdrawal Status

Exit/Withdrawal Status

Source: Handbooks
An indication as to whether an instance of student exit/withdrawal is considered to be of a permanent or temporary nature.

Code Set:

  • Permanent exit/withdrawal - The student does not expect to return to membership in an educational institution.
  • Temporary exit/withdrawal - The student expects to return to membership in an educational institution.
Exit/Withdrawal Type

Exit/Withdrawal Type

Source: Handbooks
The circumstances under which the student exited from membership in an educational institution.

Code Set:

  • Completed a state-recognized vocational education program - A student who completed a vocational education program and earned a certificate other than a diploma.
  • Completed grade 12, but did not meet all graduation requirements - A student who completed an approved program of study for high school completion, but did not meet all state or district requirements for a diploma (e.g. unable to pass a required graduation examination).
  • Completed school with other credentials - A student who completed a program of study that did not address state diploma requirements and has received a certificate of completion or attendance in lieu of a high school diploma.
  • Completed with a state-recognized equivalency certificate - A student who passed an equivalency examination through an approved program of study.
  • Died or is permanently incapacitated - A student who has died or become permanently incapacitated, either physically or mentally.
  • + 28 More Codes...

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