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Course Of Study (courseOfStudy)


Source: NEDM
A series of courses meant to transmit knowledge in one or more subject domains. For example, a liberal arts course of study or a mathematics course of study. The course of study can coordinate and standardize teaching across classrooms, students, and over time.


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Course Of StudytypeAcademic Program


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Career Cluster

Career Cluster

Source: Handbooks
The specified academic and career/technical education (vocational) courses to be taken by a student to complete a career major or career pathway.

Code Set:

  • Agriculture, food, and natural resources - N/A
  • Architecture and construction - N/A
  • Arts, audio-visual technology, and communications - N/A
  • Business, management, and administration - N/A
  • Education and training - N/A
  • + 11 More Codes...