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This list represents the list of relationships utilized in the national education data model and a short description of each of them. This page as all of our other pages is dynamically generated from the underlying data structures.

This is very important for the relationships amongst data are as important as the data itself.

hasAssociated - The object entity must have the associated subject entity in order to exist. This is similar to a foriegn key relationshhip. For example, a disruptive event (subject) has an associated victim (object).

hasCausalRelationship - A strong relationship in which one entity causes a change in another entity.

hasDelimiter - One entity is modified or limited by another. For example, a calendar date can delimit a count of students.

hasFunctionalComponent - Reflects the construction of an entity through functional components represented by other entities.

isACountOf - A non-duplicated count.

isAlignedWith - Used mainly in Teaching and Learning entities. One entity is constructed to align in meaning or function with another.

isASynonymOf - Similar in meaning. This could indicate an exact or inexact similarity.

isDerivedFrom - One entity is a derivation of another. This means that some or all of the important features of an entity is also in its sub-entities. This is different from functional components.

isDirectProviderOf - Directly provides goods or services.

isEvaluationResultOf - An evaluation of a student or other learner's performance.

IsFunctionalComponentOf - This relation indicates that subject entity makes up, in part or in whole, the function of the object entity.

isOrganizationalComponentOf - This relation is used to indicate an organizational structure of non-person entities such as schools, districts, etc.

isPartiallyDefinedBy - The subject is defined in part by the object. Or, the subject is a narrower concept than the object.

participatesIn - A person-type entity participates in an activity-type entity.

providesServicesTo - Subject provides services to the object.

receivesServicesFrom - Subject recieves services from the object.