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Graduation Rate Survey (fr_IpedsGraduationRate)


The primary purpose of the IPEDS GR200 component is to collect more extensive data on graduation rates as required by HEOA. Data will be collected to calculate graduation rates at 200% of normal time for bachelor degree-seeking students at 4-year institutions and for all students at less than 4-year institutions.

Data Set Items

    Additional Exclusions - Please indicate any additional exclusions to the cohort. This will includeany additional students who left your institution between August 31, 2007 andAugust 31, 2009 (and have neither graduated nor transferred to anotherinstitution) because of one of the following documented reasons:a. The student is deceased or is totally and permanently disabled and thus unable toreturn to school.b. The student left school to serve in the armed forces or was called to active duty.(DO NOT include students already in the military who transfer to another dutystation.)c. The student left school to serve with a foreign aid service of the FederalGovernment, such as the Peace Corps.d. The student left school to serve on an official church mission.

Adjusted cohort 200% - 200% adjusted cohort, is a calculated value, and is the differencebetween the 150% adjusted cohort (line 3) and the exclusions reported in line 6.

Completers in Years 7 and Years 8 - Report the number of students who completed a bachelor’s degree orequivalent within the period from September 1, 2007 through August 31, 2009.

Completers Within 200%of the Time - Once you save the page, the total completers within 200% will be calculated in the appropriate boxes.

Graduation Rate Within 200% of the Time - Once you save the page, the 200% graduation rate value will be calculated in the appropriate boxes.

Survey Section - A code identifying the IPEDS survey section.

Code Set:

  • G21 - Graduation rates within 200% of the time - 4- year schools

Survey Section Part - A code identifying the part of the survey section.

Code Set:

  • A - All data