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IPEDS Completions Survey (fr_IpedsCompletions)


Report all degrees and other formal awards conferred by your institution between July 1, 2007, and June 30, 2008. Award levels range from postsecondary certificates of less than one year to doctor's degrees. Awards/degrees earned but not yet conferred should be reported in next year's survey. If an individual received two degrees at different levels (e.g., a bachelor's degree at the end of the summer session and a master's degree at the end of the academic year), report each degree in its appropriate classification. Include completions in occupational/vocational programs as well as academic programs.

Data Set Items

    Award Level - Award Level

    Code Set:

    • 10 - First-professional degree
    • 3 - Associate's degree
    • 5 - Bachelor's degree
    • 6 - Postbaccalaureate certificate
    • 7 - Master's degree
    • + 9 More Codes...

    CIP Code - Classification of instructional program code

Count by CIP Code, Award Level, Race/Ethnic Group and Sex - The number of awards reported by CIP Code, Award Level, Race/Ethnic Group, and Sex.

Major Identification - First or second major identification

Code Set:

  • 1 - First Major
  • 2 - Second Major

Race Ethnic Groups - A code which identifies the race and ethnic groups for the cohort being reported. Notations of old, new, and both old and new refer to use of old race/ethnicity categories (prior to 2007 Guidance) or "new" categories in response to 1997 OMB guidance, and U.S. Department of Education guidance of October 19, 2007.

Code Set:

  • 1 - Nonresident alien (both old and new)
  • 10 - Asian (new)
  • 11 - Black or African America (new)
  • 12 - Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islander (new)
  • 13 - White (new)
  • + 9 More Codes...

Sex(Click the link to view the associated Common Attribute) - A code which identifies the cohort reported as either men or women.

Code Set:

  • 1 - Men
  • 2 - Women

Survey Section - A code identifying the IPEDS survey section.

Code Set:

  • COM - Completions Section