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Status data and general counts for the school year. These data groups are submitted at the following level: • School

Data Set Items

    Magnet Status - An indication of whether the school is a magnet school or has a magnet program within the school.

    Code Set:

    • NA - Not Applicable
    • MAGNO - Magnet No
    • MAGYES - Magnet Yes

    Shared Time Status - An indication that a school offers vocational/technical education or other educational services in which some or all students are enrolled at a separate school of record and attend the shared-time school on a part-time basis.

    Code Set:

    • NO
    • YES

    Teachers (FTE) - The number of full-time equivalent (FTE) Teachers.

Title I School Status - An indication that a school is designated under state and federal regulations as being eligible for participation in programs authorized by Title I of ESEA as amended by NCLB and whether it has a Title I program.

Code Set:

  • Not a Title I school - N/A
  • Title I school wide eligible - Title I targeted program - N/A
  • Title I school wide eligible school - no program - N/A
  • Title I school wide school - N/A
  • Title I targeted eligible school - no program - N/A
  • + 1 More Codes...

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