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Federal Programs (eden_035)


An indication that the federal program(s) is offered in the state. This data group is submitted at the following levels: • SEA • LEA

Data Set Items

    Federal Programs

    An indication that the federal program(s) is offered in the state. This data group is submitted at the following levels: • SEA • LEA

    The amount of federal dollars distributed to local education agencies (LEAs) by fiscal year.

    Federal Program Code
    The unique five–digit number assigned to each Federal program as listed in the Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance (CFDA). Programs administered by the U.S. Department of Education begin with 84.

    84.002 - Adult Education State Grant Program
    84.010 - Title I Grants to Local Education Agencies
    84.011 - Migrant Education – Basic State Grant Program
    84.013 - Title I Program for Neglected and Delinquent, or at Risk
    84.027 - Special Education - Grants to States
    84.048A - Vocational Education - Basic Grants to States
    84.083 - Women's Educational Equity
    84.128G - Migrant and Seasonal Farmworkers Program
    84.128J - Recreational Programs
    84.144A - Migrant Education--Coordination Program
    84.173 - Special Education Preschool Grants
    84.186A - Safe and Drug-Free Schools and Communities
    84.195 - Bilingual Education Professional Development
    84.196 - Education for Homeless Children and Youth
    84.206A - Jacob K. Javits Gifted and Talented Students Education Program
    84.213 - Even Start - State Education Agencies
    84.214A - Migrant Education Even Start
    84.215M - Grants for the Integration of Schools and Mental Health Systems
    84.215S - The Partnerships in Character Education Project Program
    84.243 - Tech-Prep Education
    84.282 - Charter Schools Program
    84.287 - 21st Century Community Learning Centers
    84.298 - State Grants for Innovative Programs
    84.299A - Indian Education- Demonstration Grants for Indian Children
    84.299B - Indian Education Professional Development
    84.305 - Education Research
    84.318 - Enhancing Education Through Technology
    84.325 - Special Education--Personnel Development to Improve Services and Results for Children with Disabilities
    84.326 - Special Education- National Activities- Technical Assistance and Dissemination
    84.327 - Special Education- National Activities- Technology and Media Services
    84.330C - Advanced Placement Incentive Program Grants
    84.331A - Grants to States for Workplace and Community Transition Training for Incarcerated Youth Offenders
    84.332A - Comprehensive School Reform Program
    84.334 - Gaining Early Awareness an

    Federal Programs Funding Allocation Type
    The Funding Allocation Type allows for the identification of whether the SEA retained the funds for distribution, transferred the funds to another state agency, distributed to non-LEAs, or the amount is unallocated.

    DISTNONLEA - Amount specified was distributed to non-LEAs
    RETAINED - Amount retained
    TRANSFER - Amount transferred to other state agencies
    UNALLOC - Amount specified is unallocated