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Integrated Postsecondary Education Data System (IPEDS), 2003
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 Frequently used/Derived variables
 Institutional characteristics
 Fall enrollment
 12-month enrollment
 Graduation rates
 Student financial aid of full-time first-time degree or certificate-seeking undergraduate students
 Faculty and staff
 Institutional characteristics
 Directory information
 Award levels offered
 Types of instruction/programs
 Selected services
 Special learning opportunities
 Non-traditional credits
 Athletic associations
 Response status
 Academic year
 Housing and meals
 Application fee
 Test scores
 Student charges
 Enrollment, fall 2003
 Frequently used
 Race/ethnicity by gender and student level
 Age, by gender and student level
 Total entering class
 Response status
 Enrollment, academic year 2002-03
 Frequently used
 12-month instructional activity and FTE
 12-month unduplicated headcount
 Response status
 Awards/degrees by program
 Response status
 Graduation Rates
 Cohort 2000 (less-than-2-year institutions) 
 Frequently used
 Cohort 1997( 4-year) and cohort 2000 (2-year) institutions
 Athletically related-student aid, by sport: 2002-03 (4-year and 2-year institutions)
 Response status
 Student financial aid
 Financial aid
 Student counts
 Response status
 Private for-profit institutions
 Private not-for-profit institutions - FASB
 Public institutions - GASB 34/35
 Public institutions - FASB
 Public institutions - pre-GASB 34/35
 Response status
 Human Resources
 Frequently used
 Employees by faculty status and primary function
 Degree-granting institutions
 Nondegree-granting institutions
 Response status