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Datasets: NPSAS:90 Undergraduate Students and Integrated Postsecondary Education Data System:89-90

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Minority Undergraduate Participation in Postsecondary Education

1 Participation and completion in secondary and postsecondary education

Not available
2 Age

3 Family income percentile ranking

4 Gender

5 Control of institution

6 Highest level of institutional offering

7 Major field of study

8 Current degree objective

9 Attend HBCU - all undergraduates min_20a
Undergraduates in public and private, not-for-profit institutions Not available
Racial-ethnic distribution attending HBCU

10 Educational aspirations

11 Better chance to get a job at school min_12a
Can attend school and work min_12b
Can graduate in shorter time min_12c
Can live at home min_12d
Friends attended min_12e
Good reputation for placing graduates min_12f
Got financial aid needed min_12g
Offered courses wanted min_12h
Good reputation of school

12 Financial aid and amounts received min_18

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