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Datasets: National Education Longitudinal Study: 1988/94

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Table Files: TPF/CPF

Generational Status and Educational Outcomes Among Asian and Hispanic 1988 Eighth Graders

Report tables
1 Asian or Pacific Islander subdivision

Not available
2 Hispanic subdivision

Not available
3 Parent's highest education table1a
  Family composition table1b
  At or below poverty level

4 Limited english proficiency, language minority

5 Urbanicity table3a
  Region table3b
  Percent minority table3c
  School control table3d
  Percent poverty

6 Mathematics proficiency table4a
  Reading proficiency table4b
  Science proficiency

7 High school programs

8 Type of high school program

9 Dropout status 1990 table7a
  Dropout status 1992 table7b
  Ever dropped out table7c
  High school graduation status

10 Highest level of education parents expected

11 Expected to earn at least a bachelor's degree: 1988 table9a
  1990 table9b
  1992 table9c

12 Postsecondary enrollment status table10

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