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May 2014

Survey Data Availability in the Data Analysis System

The following NCES Surveys are no longer available for use in the Data Analysis System: The NPSAS:2004 Undergraduate, NPSAS:2004 Graduate, NPSAS:2000 Undergraduate, NPSAS:2000 Graduate, NPSAS:1996 Undergraduate, NPSAS:1996 Graduate, NSOPF:2004 Faculty, NSOPF:2004 Institution, PEELS: Waves 1-5, B&B:2000/20001, B&B:1993/20003, BPS:2004/2006, BPS:1996/1998/2001, BPS:1990/1992/1994. To create analysis tables and covariance analyses using the previously mentioned survey data, please use the PowerStats or QuickStats data tools located at the NCES DataLab Website.

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