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Institutional Policies and Practices Regarding Postsecondary Faculty: Fall 2003

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Table F1 Percentage of institutions with full- or part-time faculty represented by a union, by institution type: Fall 2003

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Table 1 Percentage distribution of postsecondary education institutions, faculty, and students enrolled, by institution type: Fall 2003

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Table 2 Percentage of newly hired full-time faculty and percentage of new full-time faculty who were part-time faculty at that same institution in November 2002, by institution type: Fall 2003

Table 3 Percentage of full-time faculty who left institutions between fall 2002 and fall 2003 and percentage distribution by reason for leaving, by institution type: Fall 2003

Table 4 Percentage of institutions with tenure systems, percentage that limit time on tenure track, and percentage distribution of the maximum number of years on tenure track without tenure, by institution type: Fall 2003

Table 5 Percentage of institutions that took specific actions related to tenure during the past 5 years, by institution type: Fall 2003

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