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PEDAR: Executive Summary Middle Income Undergraduates: Where They Enroll and How They Pay for Their Education
Profile of Middle Income Full-Time, Full-Year Dependent Undergraduates
Price of Attendance
Financial Need and Financial Aid
Sources of Financial Aid
Research Methodology
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Executive Summary (PDF)
Profile of Middle Income Full-Time, Full-Year Dependent Undergraduates

Middle income FTFY dependent undergraduates in 1995–96 were 53 percent female, 81 percent white, non-Hispanic, and nearly all came from families with at least three family members. About one-third were first generation college students (i.e., their parents had no more than high school degrees as their highest level of education completed), one-quarter had parents with bachelor's degrees, 16 percent had parents with master's degrees, and 5 percent had parents with doctoral or first-professional degrees. Thirty-seven percent of middle income FTFY dependent undergraduates lived on campus, while 35 percent lived with their parents or relatives. Forty-five percent were first-year/freshmen.

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