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IPEDS ID: 209542
OPE ID: 00321000
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Oregon State University
1500 S.W. Jefferson Avenue, Corvallis, Oregon 97331
Información General:  (541) 737-0123
Página de Internet:
Tipo:  4-años, Pública
Títulos Ofrecidos:  Licenciatura
Certificado de pos-licenciatura
Doctorado - research/scholarship
Doctorado - profesional
Ubicación del Campus:  Ciudad: Pequeña
Población Estudiantil:  28,886 (23,903 subgraduado)
Student-to-faculty ratio:  19 to 1
Clasificación Carnegie
Research Universities (very high research activity)
Afiliación Religiosa
No Aplica
Ayuda Federal
Estudiantes elegibles pueden recibir Becas Pell y otra ayuda federal (por ejemplo, Préstamos Directos "Direct Loans").
Undergraduate students enrolled who are formally registered with office of disability services
3% or less
Oportunidades de Aprendizaje Especial
ROTC (Centro de Entrenamiento de Oficiales de Reserva) – Army (Ejército), Navy (Marina), Air Force (Fuerza Aérea)
Certificación de Profesor
Distance education opportunities - undergraduate level
Distance education opportunities - graduate level
Estudio en el extranjero
Servicios Estudiantiles
Servicios de refuerzo
Servicio de consejería académica/profesional
Servicios de empleo para estudiantes
Servicios de colocación para los que completen
Cuido diurno para hijos de estudiantes en el campus
Crédito Aceptado
Doble Crédito
Créditos de Colocación Avanzada
Faculty and graduate assistants by primary function, Fall 2014Full timePart time
Total faculty2,005628
Research and public service713235
Total graduate assistants-1,868

Faculty data for this campus includes data from child institutions.:
Estimated Expenses for Full-time Beginning Undergraduate Students
  • Beginning students are those who are entering postsecondary education for the first time.
Gastos Detallados2011-20122012-20132013-20142014-2015% change 2013-2014 to 2014-2015
Matrícula y cuotas
Residentes del Estado$7,600$8,138$8,322$9,1229.6%
No Residentes del Estado$21,316$22,322$23,514$26,29411.8%
Libros y materiales$1,854$1,908$1,965$1,9650.0%
Planes de alojamiento
En el Campus
Alojamiento y comida$9,444$10,563$10,695$10,9292.2%
Fuera del Campus
Alojamiento y comida$9,444$10,074$10,578$10,9293.3%
Fuera del Campus con Familia
Gastos totales2011-20122012-20132013-20142014-2015% change 2013-2014 to 2014-2015
Residentes del Estado
En el Campus$21,475$23,225$23,559$24,5934.4%
Fuera del Campus$21,475$22,736$23,442$24,5934.9%
Fuera del Campus con Familia$12,031$12,662$12,864$13,6646.2%
No Residentes del Estado
En el Campus$35,191$37,409$38,751$41,7657.8%
Fuera del Campus$35,191$36,920$38,634$41,7658.1%
Fuera del Campus con Familia$25,747$26,846$28,056$30,8369.9%
This calculator uses estimated student expenses data to estimate the total tuition and fees charged over the duration of a typical 4-year program at this school.
1. Select starting academic year
2. Select tuition inflation rate

% (0-100 allowed)
  • The output is only an estimate and not a guarantee of the actual amount the student may be charged; it is not binding on the Secretary, the institution of higher education, or the State; and it may change, subject to the availability of financial assistance, State appropriations, and other factors. The student must complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) to be eligible for, and receive, an actual financial aid award that includes federal grant, loan, or work-study assistance.
  • The estimated price does not include room and board, books and supplies, &c. (where applicable) and is based on previous years' tuition and fees data. Tuition and fees may vary by program. Please contact this institution for detailed price information.
  • Estimated yearly tuition and fees may not sum to totals because of rounding.
Estimate the total tuition and fee costs over the duration of a typical program.
 Multiyear Tuition Calculator
Average graduate student tuition and fees for academic year2014-2015
In-state tuition$11,907
In-state fees$1,472
Out-of-state tuition$19,953
Out-of-state fees$1,472
Alternative Tuition Plans
  • No alternative tuition plans are offered by this institution.
Undergraduate Student Financial Aid, 2013-2014
Full-time Beginning Undergraduate Students
  • Beginning students are those who are entering postsecondary education for the first time.
Type of AidNumber receiving aidPercent receiving aidTotal amount of aid receivedAverage amount of aid received
Any student financial aid12,84980%————
Grant or scholarship aid2,18662%$14,223,840$6,507
Federal grants1,03329%$4,386,509$4,246
Pell grants1,02329%$4,198,930$4,105
Other federal grants1915%$187,579$982
State/local government grant or scholarships80423%$1,795,788$2,234
Institutional grants or scholarships1,94755%$8,041,543$4,130
Student loan aid1,93955%$12,677,146$6,538
Federal student loans1,92054%$10,506,266$5,472
Other student loans1384%$2,170,880$15,731
  • 1 Includes students receiving Federal work study aid and aid from other sources not listed above.
All Undergraduate Students
Type of AidNumber receiving aidPercent receiving aidTotal amount of aid receivedAverage amount of aid received
Grant or scholarship aid113,25757%$93,267,662$7,035
Pell grants7,33632%$30,109,980$4,104
Federal student loans11,73451%$84,802,541$7,227
  • 1 Grant or scholarship aid includes aid received, from the federal government, state or local government, the institution, and other sources known by the institution.

Average Net Price for Full-Time Beginning Students
Full-time beginning undergraduate students who paid the in-state or in-district tuition rate and were awarded grant or scholarship aid from federal, state or local governments, or the institution.
Average net price$15,950$16,219$16,462
Full-time beginning undergraduate students who paid the in-state or in-district tuition rate and were awarded Title IV aid by income.
Average net price by Income2011-20122012-20132013-2014
$0 – $30,000$13,506$13,854$14,804
$30,001 – $48,000$13,715$14,471$15,186
$48,001 – $75,000$16,276$17,038$16,945
$75,001 – $110,000$19,774$21,070$21,458
$110,001 and more$20,369$21,353$22,061
  • Average net price is generated by subtracting the average amount of federal, state/local government, or institutional grant or scholarship aid from the total cost of attendance. Total cost of attendance is the sum of published tuition and required fees (lower of in-district or in-state), books and supplies, and the weighted average for room and board and other expenses.
  • Beginning students are those who are entering postsecondary education for the first time.
  • Title IV aid to students includes grant aid, work study aid, and loan aid. These include: Federal Pell Grant, Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant (FSEOG), Academic Competitiveness Grant (ACG), National Science and Mathematics Access to Retain Talent Grant (National SMART Grant), Teacher Education Assistance for College and Higher Education (TEACH) Grant, Federal Work-Study, Federal Perkins Loan, Subsidized Direct or FFEL Stafford Loan, and Unsubsidized Direct or FFEL Stafford Loan. For those Title IV recipients, net price is reported by income category and includes students who received federal aid even if none of that aid was provided in the form of grants. While Title IV status defines the cohort of student for which the data are reported, the definition of net price remains the same – total cost of attendance minus grant aid.
Net Price Calculator
An institution’s net price calculator allows current and prospective students, families, and other consumers to estimate the net price of attending that institution for a particular student.
Visit this institution's net price calculator
Otoño 2014
Matrícula total28,886
Matrícula de subgraduados23,903
Undergraduate transfer-in enrollment1,976
Graduate enrollment4,983
Estatus de Asistencia SubgraduadaGénero del Subgraduado
Estatus de Asistencia Subgraduada:
Tiempo completo: 77%
Tiempo parcial: 23%Género del Subgraduado:
Hombre: 54%
Mujer: 46%
Raza/origen del Subgraduado
Raza/origen del Subgraduado:
Nativo Americano/Nativo de Alaska: 1%
Asiático: 7%
Afro-Americano no Hispano: 1%
Hispano: 8%
Isleño del Pacífico: 0%
Caucásico no Hispano: 66%
Two or more races: 6%
Raza/origen desconocido: 3%
Extranjero no-residente: 8%
Undergraduate Student AgeUndergraduate Student Residence
Undergraduate Student Age:
24 and under: 81%
25 and over: 19%
Age unknown: 0%Undergraduate Student Residence:
In-state: 74%
Out-of-state: 24%
Foreign countries: 2%
Unknown: 0%
  • Age data are reported for Otoño 2013.
  • Residence data are reported for first-time degree/certificate-seeking undergraduates.
Graduate Attendance Status
Graduate Attendance Status:
Tiempo completo: 72%
Tiempo parcial: 28%
Undergraduate Distance Education StatusGraduate Distance Education Status
Undergraduate Enrollment by Distance Education Status:
Enrolled only in distance education: 15%
Enrolled in some distance education: 17%
Not enrolled in any distance education: 68%Graduate Enrollment by Distance Education Status:
Enrolled only in distance education: 18%
Enrolled in some distance education: 5%
Not enrolled in any distance education: 77%
Cuota de aplicación subgraduada (2014-2015): $60
Admisión de Subgraduados Otoño 2014
Número de aplicantes14,1167,2036,913
Porcentaje admitido78%74%82%
Porcentaje admitido matriculado34%35%32%
Consideraciones para AdmisiónRequerido(a)Recomendado(a)
GPA (calificación media) de la escuela secundariaX
Rango de la escuela secundariaX
Historial de la escuela secundariaX
Finalización de programa de preparación universitariaX
Demostración formal de competenciasX
Puntuaciones del SAT/ACTX
TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign language/Prueba de Inglés como Idioma Extranjero)X
Puntuaciones: Otoño 2014 (estudiantes primerizos matriculados)
Puntuaciones sometidas de Estudiantes NúmeroPorcentaje
Resultados de Examen25to Porcentaje*75to Porcentaje**
*  25% de los estudiantes calificaron o por debajo
** 25% de los estudiantes calificaron o sobre
  • Los datos aplican para estudiantes que buscan su primer grado/certificado.
  • Se solicita a las instituciones reportar estas puntuaciones solamente si se requieren para admisión.
SAT Critical Reading480610
SAT Math500620
SAT Writing460590
ACT Composite2128
ACT English2027
ACT Math2128
ACT Writing78
First-to-Second Year Retention Rates

Retention rates measure the percentage of first-time students who are seeking bachelor's degrees who return to the institution to continue their studies the following fall.

Retention Rates for First-Time Students Pursuing Bachelor's Degrees
Student retention:
Estudiantes a tiempo completo: 84%
Estudiantes a tiempo parcial: 63%
Percentage of Students Who Began Their Studies in Fall 2013 and Returned in Fall 2014
Overall Graduation Rate and Transfer-Out Rate

The overall graduation rate is also known as the "Student Right to Know" or IPEDS graduation rate. It tracks the progress of students who began their studies as full-time, first-time degree- or certificate-seeking students to see if they complete a degree or other award such as a certificate within 150% of "normal time" for completing the program in which they are enrolled.

Some institutions also report a transfer-out rate, which is the percentage of the full-time, first-time students who transferred to another institution.

Note that not all students at the institution are tracked for these rates. Students who have already attended another postsecondary institution, or who began their studies on a part-time basis, are not tracked for this rate. At this institution, 54 percent of entering students were counted as "full-time, first-time" in 2014.

Overall Graduation and Transfer-Out Rates for Students Who Began Their Studies in Fall 2008
Índice total de graduación:
Índice total de graduación: 63%
Índice de transferencias: 24%
Percentage of Full-time, First-Time Students Who Graduated or Transferred Out Within 150% of "Normal Time" to Completion for Their Program
Bachelor's Degree Graduation Rates

Bachelor’s degree graduation rates measure the percentage of entering students beginning their studies full-time and are planning to get a bachelor’s degree and who complete their degree program within a specified amount of time.

Graduation Rates for Students Pursuing Bachelor's Degrees
Índice de licenciaturas:
[Began in Fall 2006]
4-años: 30%
6-años: 61%
8-años: 64%
[Began in Fall 2008]
4-años: 31%
6-años: 63%
Percentage of Full-time, First-time Students Who Graduated in the Specified Amount of Time and Began in Fall 2006 or Fall 2008
6-Year Graduation Rate by Gender for Students Pursuing Bachelor's Degrees
6-Year Graduation Rate by Gender for Students Pursuing Bachelor's Degrees:
Hombre: 61%
Mujer: 65%
Percentage of Full-time, First-time Students Who Began Their Studies in Fall 2008 and Received a Degree or Award Within 150% of "Normal Time" to Completion for Their Program
6-Year Graduation Rate by Race/Ethnicity for Students Pursuing Bachelor's Degrees
6-Year Graduation Rate by Race/Ethnicity for Students Pursuing Bachelor's Degrees:
Nativo Americano/Nativo de Alaska: 49%
Asiático: 67%
Afro-Americano no Hispano: 42%
Hispano: 56%
Isleño del Pacífico: 42%
Caucásico no Hispano: 65%
Two or more races: 92%
Raza/origen desconocido: 56%
Extranjero no-residente: 62%
Percentage of Full-time, First-time Students Who Began Their Studies in Fall 2008 and Received a Degree or Award Within 150% of "Normal Time" to Completion for Their Program
Finalización (Number of awards conferred) 2013-2014
Completions are the number of awards conferred by program and award level.
clasificar porProgramaLicenciaturaMaestríaDoctoradoPostgraduate
  • Los datos mostrados son para primeras especializaciones.
  • (-) Program is not offered at this award level.
  • d identifies programs and award levels that are offered as a distance education program. For program category totals, d is shown if one or more programs in the category are offered as a distance education program.
Agriculture, Agriculture Operations, and Related Sciences
Agricultural Business and Management, General21---
Agricultural Economics9d0--
Agriculture, General76d---
Agronomy and Crop Science22---
Animal Sciences, General9051-
Applied Horticulture/Horticulture Operations, General-90-
Food Science4573-
Horticultural Science40d---
Plant Sciences, General-23-
Range Science and Management1901-
Soil Science and Agronomy, General-61-
Total de categorías322d299-
Area, Ethnic, Cultural, Gender and Group Studies
American/United States Studies/Civilization7---
Ethnic Studies2---
Hispanic-American, Puerto Rican, and Mexican-American/Chicano Studies-3--
Women's Studies7d3--
Total de categorías16d6--
Biological And Biomedical Sciences
Biochemistry and Molecular Biology2634-
Biology/Biological Sciences, General148---
Botany/Plant Biology1152-
Cell/Cellular and Molecular Biology-05-
Microbiology, General7543-
Systematic Biology/Biological Systematics-1--
Zoology/Animal Biology4133-
Total de categorías3182520-
Business, Management, Marketing, and Related Support Services
Accounting and Business/Management-9--
Business Administration and Management, General13270d0-
Finance, General107---
Management Information Systems, General71---
Marketing/Marketing Management, General121---
Operations Management and Supervision102---
Research and Development Management8---
Total de categorías62379d0-
Communication, Journalism, and Related Programs
Digital Communication and Media/Multimedia20---
Speech Communication and Rhetoric66---
Total de categorías86---
Computer and Information Sciences and Support Services
Computer Science149d3112-
Total de categorías149d3112-
Adult and Continuing Education and Teaching-9d--
Agricultural Teacher Education-10-6
Bilingual and Multilingual Education---37d
Biology Teacher Education---6
Chemistry Teacher Education---3
Counselor Education/School Counseling and Guidance Services-42d8d5
Early Childhood Education and Teaching---42
Education, General6818d8d-
Educational Administration and Supervision, Other-24--
Elementary Education and Teaching-8-39
English/Language Arts Teacher Education-8-6
Family and Consumer Sciences/Home Economics Teacher Education-0-2
Health Teacher Education---3
Junior High/Intermediate/Middle School Education and Teaching---32
Mathematics Teacher Education-1309d
Music Teacher Education-4-8
Physical Education Teaching and Coaching---10
Physics Teacher Education---4
Reading Teacher Education---1
Science Teacher Education/General Science Teacher Education-12d111
Social Studies Teacher Education---8
Spanish Language Teacher Education---2
Teacher Education and Professional Development, Specific Levels and Methods, Other---10
Teacher Education and Professional Development, Specific Subject Areas, Other---10
Total de categorías68148d17d254d
Agricultural Engineering1512-
Bioengineering and Biomedical Engineering23---
Chemical Engineering98148-
Civil Engineering, General101446-
Construction Engineering65---
Electrical and Electronics Engineering904420-
Engineering Physics/Applied Physics30--
Engineering, Other9---
Environmental/Environmental Health Engineering1391-
Forest Engineering2221-
Industrial Engineering4017d6-
Manufacturing Engineering35---
Mechanical Engineering141303-
Nuclear Engineering3193-
Water Resources Engineering-34-
Total de categorías686173d54-
English Language and Literature/Letters
Creative Writing-13--
English Language and Literature, General7514--
Total de categorías7527--
Family and Consumer Sciences/Human Sciences
Apparel and Textile Marketing Management-64-
Apparel and Textiles, General34---
Consumer Merchandising/Retailing Management91---
Foods, Nutrition, and Wellness Studies, General4512-
Housing and Human Environments, General2---
Human Development and Family Studies, General340d23-
Total de categorías512d99-
Foreign Languages, Literatures, and Linguistics
French Language and Literature10---
German Language and Literature3d---
Spanish Language and Literature25---
Total de categorías38d---
Health Professions and Related Programs
Athletic Training/Trainer17---
Bioethics/Medical Ethics---17
Comparative and Laboratory Animal Medicine-60-
Health/Health Care Administration/Management1---
Health/Medical Physics1226d4-
Pharmaceutical Sciences-14-
Public Health, General2014753d
Veterinary Medicine--52-
Total de categorías23180d15820d
History and Philosophy of Science and Technology-21-
History, General56---
Total de categorías5621-
Liberal Arts and Sciences, General Studies and Humanities
Liberal Arts and Sciences/Liberal Studies176d---
Total de categorías176d---
Mathematics and Statistics
Mathematics, General32121-
Statistics, General-181-
Total de categorías32302-
Multi/Interdisciplinary Studies
International/Global Studies26---
Multi-/Interdisciplinary Studies, Other-27--
Natural Sciences143--2d
Peace Studies and Conflict Resolution---0
Sustainability Studies4d---
Total de categorías173d27-6d
Natural Resources and Conservation
Environmental Science74d144-
Fishing and Fisheries Sciences and Management118d2d410d
Forest Management/Forest Resources Management2860-
Forest Sciences and Biology-50-
Forestry, General-133-
Natural Resources Management and Policy97d15d--
Natural Resources/Conservation, General---5d
Urban Forestry---0d
Water, Wetlands, and Marine Resources Management-9-16d
Wildlife, Fish and Wildlands Science and Management-13d23d
Wood Science and Wood Products/Pulp and Paper Technology762-
Total de categorías324d83d1534d
Parks, Recreation, Leisure, and Fitness Studies
Health and Physical Education/Fitness, General182184-
Parks, Recreation and Leisure Studies21---
Total de categorías203184-
Philosophy and Religious Studies
Total de categorías72-1
Physical Sciences
Chemistry, General33714-
Geological and Earth Sciences/Geosciences, Other14---
Geology/Earth Science, General1428-
Hydrology and Water Resources Science-32-
Materials Science-42-
Oceanography, Chemical and Physical-117-
Physics, General2342-
Total de categorías843135-
Psychology, General137d---
Total de categorías137d---
Public Administration and Social Service Professions
Public Policy Analysis, General-26--
Total de categorías-26--
Social Sciences
Applied Economics-104-
Economics, General80d---
Geographic Information Science and Cartography---63d
Political Science and Government, General58d---
Social Sciences, General5---
Total de categorías302d22563d
Visual and Performing Arts
Art/Art Studies, General8---
Design and Visual Communications, General17---
Interior Design33---
Music, General17---
Visual and Performing Arts, General9---
Total de categorías84---
Gran total4,702848341378

Los datos de otorgación de programas/especializaciones para este campus incluyen información de instituciones relacionadas.:
Services and Programs for Servicemembers and Veterans
Yellow Ribbon Program (officially known as Post-9/11 GI Bill, Yellow Ribbon Program)
Credit for military training
Dedicated point of contact for support services for veterans, military servicemembers, and their families
Recognized student veteran organization
Tuition policies specifically for Veterans and Servicemembers
Educational Benefits, 2013-2014
Number of students receiving benefits/assistance
Number of students receiving benefits/assistance:
Post-9/11 GI Bill Benefits - undergraduates: 552
Post-9/11 GI Bill Benefits - graduates: 65
DoD Tuition Assistance Program - undergraduates: 106
DoD Tuition Assistance Program - graduates: 11
Average amount of benefits/assistance awarded through the institution
Average amount of benefits/assistance awarded through the institution:
Post-9/11 GI Bill Benefits - undergraduates: $7,924
Post-9/11 GI Bill Benefits - graduates: $8,701
DoD Tuition Assistance Program - undergraduates: $2,971
DoD Tuition Assistance Program - graduates: $3,519
Full-time students: 88%
Part-time students: 78%
Retention rate is the percentage of undergraduate students who began their studies in academic year 2013-14 and returned in academic year 2014-15
2013-2014 Atletas Universitarios
NCAA Division I-A HombresMujeres
All Track Combined99
Track and Field, Indoor7
Acreditación Institucional
AgenciaPeríodos de Acreditación Estatus
Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities9/1/1924 -  Acreditada
Acreditación Especializada
Agencia/ProgramaPeríodos de Acreditación Estatus
Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, Accreditation Council for Education in Nutrition and Dietetics
Didactic Program in Dietetics7/1/1971 -  Acreditada
Accreditation Council for Pharmacy Education
Pharmacy (PHAR) - Professional degree programs7/24/1939 -  Acreditada
American Veterinary Medical Association, Council on Education
Veterinary Medicine (VET) - Programs leading to a D.V.M. or D.M.V. degree(!)7/1/1981 -  Acreditada
Commission on English Language Program Accreditation
English Language8/5/2008 - 2/9/2009Renunciada
Council on Education for Public Health
Public Health (PHB) - Baccalaureate and Graduate level school of public health(!)6/14/2014 -  Acreditada
National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education
Teacher Education (TED) - Baccalaureate and graduate programs for the preparation of teachers and other professional personnel for elementary and secondary schools4/1/1996 -  Acreditada
Agencia/Programa / DepartmentPeríodos de Acreditación Estatus
American Psychological Association, Commission on Accreditation
Professional Psychology (IPSY) - Predoctoral internship programs
Oregon State University Counseling and Psychological Services
6/14/2006 -  Acreditada
  • (!) Fecha estimada
2013 Estadísticas Criminales
Arrestos - en el Campus201120122013
Posesión ilegal de armas010
Violaciones a la ley de drogas82781
Violaciones a la ley de bebidas alcohólicas2262251
Arrestos - Dormitorios en el Campus !201120122013
Posesión ilegal de armas000
Violaciones a la ley de drogas40460
Violaciones a la ley de bebidas alcohólicas1231270
Ofensas Criminales - en el Campus 201120122013
Asesinato/homicidio no negligente 000
Homicidio negligente000
Ofensas sexuales - Forzoso144
Ofensas sexuales - No forzoso (incesto y violación de un(a) menor solamente) 000
Agresión agravada270
Robo de vehículos de motor2885
Incendio provocado210
Ofensas Criminales - Dormitorios en el Campus !201120122013
Asesinato/homicidio no negligente 000
Homicidio negligente000
Ofensas sexuales - Forzoso122
Ofensas sexuales - No forzoso (incesto y violación de un(a) menor solamente) 000
Agresión agravada150
Robo de vehículos de motor000
Incendio provocado210
  • (!) Los dormitorios son un subconjunto de las estadísticas dentro del campus.
  • Los datos criminales reportados por las instituciones no han sido sometidos a verificación independiente por el Departamento de Educación de los Estados Unidos. Por lo tanto, el Departamento no puede responder for la presición de los datos reportados.
  • Estos datos no incluyen incidentes que: (a) ocurrieron fuera del campus en propiedad pública contigua y accesible al Campus; (b) ocurrieron en un edificio o propiedad no correspondiente al campus o propiedad adueñada o controlada por una organización estudiantil oficialmente reconocida por la institución; o (c) incidentes en edificios/propiedades adueñadas o controladas por una institución pero no contigua a la institución. Para más información, visita
Three-year Official Cohort Default Rates
Fiscal Year201220112010
Default rate3.9%5.0%6.1%
Number in default187199219
Number in repayment4,6783,9763,579
  • These default rates apply to all locations of this institution.
Aid Programs
  • Federal Direct Loan (Direct Loan)
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