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Common Core of Data (CCD)

Non-Fiscal State Coordinators' Contact Information

Alabama: Alabama Department of Education
Jeff Beams:, 334-353-1012
Alaska: Alaska Department of Education and Early Development
Brian Laurent:, 907-465-8418
American Samoa: American Samoa Department of Education
John Ludgate:, 684-699-2097
Arizona: Arizona Department of Education
Wendi Trudell:, 602-542-3082
Arkansas: Arkansas Department of Education
Carmen Jordan:, 501-682-2883
Alternate: Linda Jenkins:, 501-682-5885
Bureau of Indian Education: Bureau of Indian Education
Patricia Abeyta:, 505-563-5272
Alternate: Brian Bough:, 505- 563-5283
Alternate: Joe Herrin:, 202-208-7658
California: California Department of Education
Randy  Bonnell:, 916-319-0395
Alternate: Sai Yu:, 916-319-0947
Colorado: Colorado Department of Education
June Maginnis:, 303-866-4392
Connecticut: Connecticut Department of Education
Richard Cloud:, 860-713-6871
Delaware: Delaware Department of Education
Corey Downer:, 302-735-4140
Alternate: Jeff Fleming:, 302-735-4140
Department of Defense Schools: Department of Defense Education Activity
Carole Newman:, 703-588-3122
Alternate: Steve  Schrankel:, 703-588-3109
District of Columbia: Office of the State Superintendent of Education
Tonia Lovelace:, 202-215-8373
Florida: Florida Department of Education
Cyndi Holleman:, 850-245-9913
Georgia: Georgia Department of Education
Levette Williams:, 404-463-6504
Alternate: Nick To:, 404-656-0973
Guam: Guam Public School System
Louticia (Tish) Sahagon:, 671-300-1538
Alternate: Frances Danieli:
Hawaii: Hawaii Department of Education
Thomas Saka:, 808-692-7267
Idaho: Idaho State Department of Education
Joyce Popp:, 208-332-6970
Illinois: Illinois State Board of Education
David Smalley:, 217-782-0815
Indiana: Indiana State Department of Education
Karen Lane:, 317-232-0818
Iowa: Iowa Department of Education
Jay Pennington:, 515-281-4837
Kansas: Kansas State Department of Education
Sara Barnes:, 785-296-4972
Alternate: Kevin Mercer:, 785-296-4973 
Alternate: Craig Neuenswander :, 785-296-3872
Kentucky: Kentucky Department of Education
Candy Johnson:, 502-564-5279
Louisiana: Louisiana Department of Education
Allen Schulenberg:, 225-342-2854
Alternate: Kim Nesmith:
Maine: Maine Department of Education
John McCue:, 207-624-6803
Alternate: Brian Snow:, 207-624-6790
Maryland: Maryland State Department of Education
Marc Allen:, 410-767-0039
Alternate: Tim O'Quinn:, 410-767-0100
Massachusetts: Massachusetts Department of Education and Secondary Education
Paula Willis:, 781-338-3629
Alternate: Bernard Doherty:, 781-338-6842
Alternate: Robert Curtin:, 781-338-3582
Michigan: Center for Educational Performance and Information, State of Michigan
Jesse Knapp:, 517-241-4857
Alternate: Carol Jones:, 517-335-6445
Minnesota: Minnesota Department of Education
Ted Vernon:, 651-582-8674
Alternate: Ted Vernon:, 651-582-8674 
Mississippi: Mississippi Department of Education
M. Francie Gilmore-Dunn:, 601-359-3863
Missouri: Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education
Kim Oligschlaeger:, 573-751-3543
Montana: Montana Office of Public Instruction
Linda Atwood:, 406-444-6712
Alternate: Sue Mohr:, 406-444-0793
Nebraska: Nebraska Department of Education
Kathy Boshart:, 402-471-3188
Nevada: Nevada Department of Education
Julian Montoya:, 775-687-9255
New Hampshire: New Hampshire Department of Education
Gretchen Tetreault:, 603-271-5874
New Jersey: New Jersey Department of Education
Bari Erlichson:, 609-341-3142
New Mexico: New Mexico Public Education Department
Douglas (Jesse) Kain:, 505-827-7825 
New York: New York State Education Department
Kristen DeSalvatore:, 518-474-7965
North Carolina: North Carolina Department of Public Instruction
Frank Cernik:, 919-807-3719
North Dakota: North Dakota Department of Public Instruction
Girish Budhwar:, 701-328-4886
Alternate: Sherry Sayler:, 701-328-2268
Northern Mariana Islands: CNMI Public School System
Tim Thornburgh:, 670-237-3065
Alternate: Probio Delacruz Cabrera:, 670-237-3011
Ohio: Ohio Department of Education
Gary Waugh:, 614-995-9943
Oklahoma: Oklahoma State Department of Education
Dawn Williams:, 405-521-3354
Oregon: Oregon Department of Education
Anna Haley:, 503-378-4687
Pennsylvania: Pennsylvania Department of Education
Deborah Rodrigues:, 717-783-6764
Alternate: Michele Hiester:, 717-783-6755
Puerto Rico: Puerto Rico Department of Education
Janet De Jesus-Cancel:, 787-773-4061
Rhode Island: Rhode Island Department of Elementary and Secondary Education
Kenneth Gu:, 401-222-8957
South Carolina: South Carolina Department of Education
Sylvia Sievers:, 803-734-8215
South Dakota: South Dakota Department of Education
Angie Bren:, 605-773-2263
Tennessee: Tennessee Department of Education
Karen Daniels:, 615-532-1254 
Texas: Texas Education Agency
Linda Roska:, 512-475-3459
Alternate: Tim Wilson:, 512-463-9704
U.S. Virgin Islands: U.S. Virgin Islands Department of Education
James Richardson:, 340-774-0100 x8048
Alternate: Shellia Crawford:, 340-774-0100 x8159
Utah: Utah State Office of Education
Aaron Brough:, 801-538-7922
Vermont: Vermont Department of Education
Stacey Murdock:, 802-828-0473
Alternate: Lila Denton:, 802-828-1753
Virginia: Virginia Department of Education
Susan Williams:, 804-225-4112
Washington: Washington State Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction
Tim Stensager:, 360-725-6005
West Virginia: West Virginia Department of Education
Malinda Shanklin:, 304-558-8869
Wisconsin: Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction
Melanie McCalmont: , 608-267-9162
Wyoming: Wyoming Department of Education
Shannon Cranmore:, 307-777-6245

 State Coordinators' Contact Information


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