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Data Files

International Data Explorer You can explore the PISA data directly through NCES's online data tool — the International Data Explorer (IDE)

The PISA data collected from each cycle are found in an international database and a U.S. national database. The international database contains all information collected through the international PISA instruments. The national database contains additional variables that are unique to the United States, such as student's race and ethnicity. Both the international and national databases come with documentation and example programs for reading in data and conducting analyses. These resources are listed below.

International Data Files and Data Resources
The international PISA database for each data collection cycle can be found under the "What PISA Produces" section of the international PISA website. Resources available include:

PISA international database
SAS control files
SPSS control files
International codebooks and data compendia
Data User's Guide
Released items

In addition, the international PISA website lists publications that may be of use to data users, including

PISA Data Analysis Manual (SPSS or SAS)
PISA Technical Report
PISA reports

A version of the IDB Analyzer for PISA is available at

U.S. Data Files and Data Resources
The U.S. national PISA database for the 2000, 2003, 2006, 2009 and 2012 administrations of PISA can be found under the "Data Products" section of the NCES PISA website. The U.S. databases include all U.S. data, both international and U.S.-only variables. For some data collection cycles, a U.S. restricted-use database is also available. Restricted-use databases contain more detailed information than the public-use databases. Resources available include:

U.S. PISA database
SAS control files
SPSS control files
U.S. versions of the international questionnaires
Data User's Guide


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